Welcome to Cyclo Systems International Ltd

Either as professionals or members of the public we are all involved in one way or another in today's changing energy environment. Better management and greater efficiency in all aspects of the delivery and consumption of energy benefits us all.

Through innovative technical solutions Cyclo Systems International can use its wealth of experience to provide answers to some of those energy issues. We like to think ahead, developing new concepts that will be part of the future of how we manage the provision and consumption of energy.

  • Our proven powerline based communication technology will be of interest to those concerned with efficient load shaping and better equipment utilisation through all aspects of demand side management.
  • Derivatives of the same technology can provide remote equipment management in many applications ranging from public street lighting to building automation and remote control of any device.
  • Our unique wireless technologies have a proven installed base for Automated Meter Reading and 'smart meter' applications combining electricity, water and gas meters.
  • Integrating both powerline and wireless technology provides excellent cost effective solutions to difficult control and status reporting applications, for example management of public lighting in densely built up city centres.

We are always looking forward, and have development projects that can deliver real time customer display units that are linked to the consumer meter allowing a visual display of energy consumption and pricing.

We have a work ethic that drives new ideas within Cyclo Systems to provide solutions for common, difficult or unique problems alike providing new products to meet these challenges.